I’ve spent 50 years or so trying to figure it out.
What’s going on?
What is this?

Along the way I’ve had some interesting experiences, have learned much, and have gotten quite a bit happier.

It’s quite possible that I would have gotten happier no matter what I learned or did. Maybe it’s just a matter of time and genes and environment.

But, I’ve learned some ideas/stories that might be true and helpful: explanations, perceptions, creations, rationalizations, etc — from me or elsewhere.

If they are of value, then publishing them should be a good thing.
If they are not of value, then they will hopefully be ignored and cause little harm.

So, I’m hoping to establish a habit of posting good things here.

I don’t represent any particular organization or ideology — religious, scientific, political, or other.

The photo is of American Lotus near Gainesville Florida. R Ferriss, May 2012.

more info:


Rick Ferriss
Tampa Florida USA
April 2013/ October 2017


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